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    Depending on your credit score and trading history, we take trade references. Please do not use Jewson, Travis, Grafton Group (e.g. Buildbase, SELCO etc.) as they don't provide references. If hiring plant, one reference must be another plant hire company.


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    1) All invoices are to be paid 30 days end of month from the date of the invoice; any queries arising from invoices must be made within seven working days.
    2) I have read and accept Orbital Equipment's terms and conditions for hire and sale which can be found on our website and may be updated from time to time; IN PARTICULAR, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FULL VALUE OF THE EQUIPMENT WHILST ON HIRE
    3) In processing your application for credit facilities, we may make enquiries of credit reference agencies or other third parties who may record those enquiries. We may also disclose information about the conduct of your account with us to credit reference agencies or other third parties. The information obtained from or provided to credit reference agencies or other third parties may be used in assessing further applications for credit terms, for debt collection, for tracing and for fraud prevention.

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    In consideration of your agreement to supply goods or rent plant or procure other services on credit to the Company applying for credit (“the Company”), I / We are a director, member, authorised person, or authorised on behalf of a director or member. I unconditionally, jointly and severally, personally guarantee payment of all monies due and owing by the Company to Orbital Equipment, and each of its subsidiaries and successors from time to time. This includes any costs of enforcing this Guarantee. I/we acknowledge and agree that: (a) the initial credit limit (and any subsequently increased credit limit) may be increased from time to time; and (b) if the credit amount is increased at any time, it will be covered by this Personal Guarantee. Notice of the increase to the Company is deemed to be notice to me/us and if the Company uses the increased credit limit, then this is deemed consent by me/us to the increase in credit limit.

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